Film Drives was founded by Bradley Andrew, a DIT from Melbourne, Australia. Brad has years of experience working on-set in the Camera Department in a range of different roles as well as one of the most extensive understandings of Data Management that you'll encounter. With a flawless track record of safe data delivery, transcoding and workflow design you can be sure that you're in safe hands.

Film Drives was born from a passion to improve on-set data management in every way. From speed, to organisation, to execution. There is always a better approach. Software aside, the data management world has seen very little innovation over the past few years. We're here to change that.

Previously the Film Industry has borrowed it's data management resources from the IT Industry. While this is an important relationship, the Film Industry is a unique world, with unique expectations and unique business practices. So what if your data management needs were met with care and thoughtfulness, making your life easier in a busy production environment? Enter Film Drives.

We understand the pressure. We know the urgency. We expect the dependable.

Let us show you just how committed we are to providing the best products, the best service and the best solutions that our industry has ever seen.